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At the intersection of entrepreneurship, technology, and finance, I stand as a devoted founder, seasoned developer, and skilled financier. My background spans accounting, finance, and computer engineering, providing a solid foundation for my multifaceted career.

For over a decade, I've contributed to startups and notable organizations, including my current position at Apple. My projects are fueled by a passion for learning about emerging technologies, with a strong focus on personal growth and education.

Featured Projects

3D Visualizer Demo

Cloud-based 3D Model Visualization

A cloud-based 3D visualizer for complex models, ideal for medical, engineering, and educational purposes.

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Local LLM Integration for iOS

Local LLM Integration for iOS

Integration of MobileBERT into an iOS chat app, enabling robust offline conversations akin to ChatGPT.

Cross-Model Diffusion Distillation

Cross-Model Diffusion Distillation

Breakthrough solution for ultra-fast video creation using progressive adversarial diffusion distillation.

Framez - Video Frame Rate Reductor


Node.js-based web app for adjusting video frame rates, integrated with AWS S3 and Elastic Beanstalk.

iOS Custom Fine-Tuned LLM Chatbot

iOS LLM Chatbot

Custom fine-tuned LLM chatbot app for iOS, optimized for human-like interactions across Apple platforms.

macOS Generative AI Image Creation Tool

macOS AI Image Creator

Generative AI tool for creating images, optimized for macOS and leveraging Apple Silicon.


iOS Development Machine Learning 3D Visualization SwiftUI Python Node.js React AWS Computer Vision Generative AI Financial Analysis Project Management

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